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History & Heritage
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History & Heritage

In May 1972, Villa Magna opened its doors to travelers. Set on the Paseo de la Castellana, this newly built grand hotel’s striking granite and glass façade immediately caught the attention of passers-by thanks to its modern architectural lines. Yet this was not the first luxury property to grace this desirable address in the heart of Madrid. The site had previously been home to the Anglada Palace, a magnificent Moorish-style residence that featured a courtyard styled after the Alhambra.

The building, which in its day was the scene of memorable parties for the aristocracy and members of high society, was one of many majestic properties to be erected on the avenue as well-to-do madrileños sought to impress. Built with marble and fine fabrics, it was decorated with exquisite paintings, furnishings and tapestries.

Today, the Villa Magna continues this tradition of luxurious hospitality and within its halls guests will find art and antiques that once adorned the palace, a tribute to the past and a link to the present.


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