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Duplicado de Features & Design

When Villa Magna underwent an extensive renovation in 2007, the delicate task was handed to Thomas Urquijo. The talented Spanish interior designer brought together all his creative skills to fashion a space that is sophisticated and timeless. To begin with Urquijo incorporated existing hotel furniture into his design by customizing them so that each guestroom would be unique. He conceived a collection of fabrics with unique patterns styled with graceful geometric forms to project a modern aesthetic in tune with the hotel’s clean architectural lines.

Mindful of the need to create an inviting atmosphere, he transformed a wall in the Magnum Bar into a work of conceptual art and employed a muted color palette in guest bedrooms to create an oasis of calm. He mixed furnishings and flooring that he himself had designed, which include hand-carved wooden screens gilded with gold leaf, with the hotel’s original boiserie. To complete the decoration of the property, Urquijo commissioned new work from Spanish artists such as Javier Sol and Carlos Sánchez that were offset against 19th-century paintings, Chippendale furniture and Chinese antiques.

The result is a comfortable, tastefully decorated space that feels both contemporary and classic. Urquijo’s decor also effortlessly integrates original features of Villa Magna from the 1970s, most notably the property’s stunning staircase with its striking stained glass windows.